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About Lynne Riddell

Classically trained in Portugal and France, with a 20-year career spanning 4 countries, Lynne has worked with some of the most diverse names in Equitation.

She doesn’t pretend her work or the principles behind it are new, they have in fact been practised for thousands of years handed down from master to student.

Lynne’s short journey of learning has only touched on the wisdom of centuries, however the most fundamental of principles are put forward enthusiastically through her work. That of giving students the understanding and theory behind good riding – enabling positive choices and problem solving, the “Tool Box” as she calls it. Plus an awareness of the elements involved in moving and shaping the body of the horse, where art and science meet!

"Of all the trainers I have worked with in the last two decades, very special thanks are due to Rosalie Lewis and Bettina Drummond for their inspiring work and generous spirit. Their training and mentoring over the years has led me through a journey of horsemanship that I am truly grateful for. Thank you. Lynne"