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Only by understanding your horse mentally and physically can you find long term solutions to problems.

Whilst the basic principles of riding will invariably be acceptable for every horse and rider, not so the methods of achieving them. These will vary enormously depending on factors including, breed, size, temperament, gender, age and so on.

Lynne’s refreshing mix of ridden and in-hand work seem like a remedy for all ills – but – only perfect practice makes perfect, so emphasis is on correct not flashy.

As one student put it “she is so versatile her tool box is overflowing”.

Lessons and clinics are open to all, human clients ranging from 16 to nearly 70 years of age, while her equine friends start at a hairy 13.2hh and extend to a shiny 18.2hh with every wonderful variety in between, enjoying many of the different disciplines.

But whatever you do, or dream of doing, underpinning your existing knowledge with sound classical principles will really maximise your potential and unlock your relationship with your best friend – your horse.